Steven James Collins Photography

About Steven James Collins Photography

What We Do:

We are a powerful hybrid of Art and Activism. Our philosophy of “Photography for Global Change” is based in the idea that an Image is the Gateway of Awareness. Our talent lies in the ability to produce artistic images that grab people’s attention and make them want to read on and understand the image. In doing so we help facilitate Awareness and Education about Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking. As The Diagram  illustrates we are the predecessor to Activism and Change.


How We Do It:

We have a traveling Gallery of over 40 (always expanding) images that travel across the USA raising awareness about the cause. These images educate on all aspects of Modern Slavery to include Sex Trafficking, Debt Bondage, and Child Soldiers. Additionally we also spotlight current activists to bring light to their contributions and the challenges they are working to resolve.

Our team has a strong history of producing Gallery events which optimize interest in the cause and on-site attendance. We bring in activist, politicians, local VIPs, and celebrities  along with our a world class social media team which is highly effective in event promotions leveraging today’s social media.


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Our Team:


Steven has been a photographer at varying levels for over 25 years. Impassioned to abolish slavery in his own lifetime, Steven did some soul searching to discover the most impactful way he could contribute to this cause. His digital photography which is a blend of traditional photography and digital art was his answer. He believes by leveraging our concept of “Photography for Global Change” the gateway to awareness. Steven Lives in Southern California with his wife and two daughters.


As the producer of Steven James Collins Photography, Madhvi is the planning and production backbone of this organization. Madhvi has consistently organized and executed the complex demanding and often frenetic operations. Be it helping to select and book Models and Makeup artists for a major shoot, or  assisting with the creative development of a portrait, Madhvi does it all.  Madhvi is based in San Francisco.

CHRISTINA GREENWOOD – Social Media Manager

The title “Social Media Manager” falls far short of describing the extraordinary contributions from Christina. In addition to her technical expertise and organizational abilities which consistently deliver highly effective campaigns for social media,  website content, blogging and outbound communications;  Christina has been a dedicated abolitionist/activist for many years. Throughout that journey she has developed an amazing network of fellow activists and has an remarkable knack of effectively “connecting the dots” between current needs and the solutions that exist with people and resources.



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