Featured Activist Lance Tracy

Often working with NBC/Universal, Seattle-Native, LA-Based Lance Tracy is currently helping to brand the 2014 Winter Olympics as he did with the London Olympics. But perhaps Lance is best known for his 5 years at KNN as their dramatic films director, making films such as “The Cross” & “The Prodigal Daughter”. With distribution in 155 countries and 15 languages, he was sensitized to an international audience while earning 12 writing and directing awards. He has directed projects in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cambodia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico City, Belize, Honduras, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the U.S.

In 2004 he started HUMAN to produce a feature documentary deemed by Sundance as “an accomplished film”. His company then produced humanitarian documentaries all over Mexico & Central America.

Relentless is an action/thriller about an American woman’s daughter who is kidnapped in El Salvador by traffickers. She enlists the help of a local to help find her. The trail leads through Guatemala and Mexico into the U.S. unearthing the Central American trafficking trade along the way.

Global Sound Lodge, Matt Sorum

Matt Sorum is best known for his career drumming in bands such as The Cult, Gun-N-Roses and Velvet Revolver, and in 2012, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While these are truly outstanding accomplishments, Abolish Slavery Coalition is honoring Matt Sorum for ongoing work with his nonprofit organization called Global Sound Lodge http://globalsoundlodge.org/

Global Sound Lodge was created by Matt to bring a music relief program to children who are at risk of becoming slaves all over the world; in Brazil, Haiti, Thailand, or the United States.

Recently, Global Sound Lodge teamed up with Abolish Slavery Coalition to arrange a musical instrument donation to The Shade Tree Shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada, which provides safety and services for rescued slaves. Matt brought guitars and was able to effectively utilize the universal language of peace, love and music and connected with these frightened and displaced children.

Global Sound Lodge is Matt saying to the world, “Help us do this together. Come with us on this journey. We’re going to take this idea out to the rest of the world and help. Let’s trade weapons for guitars. Please support Global Sound Lodge. Music Can Save the World!”



A note from Matt:

Hello Beautiful People,
We have created this [Global Sound Lodge] site as a way to communicate through music, lets try and bring a cool vibe here.
all humanitarian and loving. The idea is to download the stems we have provided and put your take on them. All instruments and ideas are welcome. Along with vocals or whatever comes into your head.
Have fun and lets bring some peace and harmony…. ONE NOTE AT A TIME!!!!!




Announcing: The official release of Music4Freedom first Modern Day Slavery digital album “United Artists for Change” A collaboration between International Independent Artists to educate, raise funds and awareness to support the work of Abolish Slavery Coalition with 70% from all album proceeds to support their work. The 13-track album features the voices of International, independent artists including;

CNN iReport Award winner, Hip-Hop Artist Omekongo Dibinga, young music composer Thomas Goedecke, and World Vision singer, songwriter Ezereve. Anti trafficking artists Sarah Carpio, Robert Coello, Brian Parsons, Dylan’s Dharma. Producer/Singer, Song-Writer Emanuel J Knight. Gospel /Christian Music Artists Tina Pantli, Eliane Linda, Jason Grech & Up & Coming Hip-Hop/R&B artist ACE.


Music4Freedom seeks to educate the public about modern day slavery and human trafficking through music campaigns and digital music downloads which aims to spotlight the work of Abolish Slavery Coalition. This is Music4Freedom’s first anti slavery album and second charity digital music collection to support survivors of human trafficking, slavery and violence against women.

United Artists for Change is available from all major online music stores including; iTunes Google Play emusic Sony Music Unlimited Special thanks to the following production teams and group of talented individuals who made this album possible through their work, talents, skills and dedication. Jeff Cripps, Producer of A Sharp Recording Studio – Australia Julien AUDUC, Producer of Stars Hound Production -France & Audio Animals – London UK Audio Mastering Services.

According to Audio Animals, the mastering services team who have worked with major artistes including Martin Hearn (world class drummer The Drifters) LTJ Bukem + Madcap (drum and bass legends) Francis Wood (finalist on The Voice) The album has been described as:

“One of the most inspirational and moving albums we’ve ever worked on.”


United Artists for Change is available from all major online music stores including iTunes, Sony Music Unlimited, Xbox Music, Google Play, & Spotify More info here: http://music4freedom.squarespace.com/musicproduction/ & http://music4freedom.squarespace.com/m4fblog/music4freedomrelease

Veronica – From Slavery to Freedom

Veronica – From Slavery to Freedom

A journey toward healing and accomplishing dreams after being rescued from a life in sex trafficking.




Are you Human?

Join the Human Race to Fight Human Trafficking
It’s Quick & Easy


HUMAN, llc is producing a thriller feature film called “Relentless“, shooting in El Salvador & LA in early 2014, which involves human trafficking.  The project will benefit The Abolish Slavery Coalition through profit, awareness & the film crew helping slaves while filming.  If you’d like to help them help us, go to www.humanllc.org/relentless to support the project, through November 23rd.

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